Sunday, December 28, 2008

Arik Hayat RIP

This morning I received terrible news.
Arik Hayat committed suicide yesterday
Arik was a dear friend a extremely gifted musician and a humble human being.
Arik was the leader and one of the main composers of Sympozion he played keyboards and sang the lead vocals .
He was just here a few days ago to finalize his new solo album which he chillingly titled "Doing Life"
I am still completely speechless and trembling as I write this .

Here is the link to his album :

And this is what he wrote

Hi everyone
Since this is my first post, I'll introduce myself.
My name is Arik Hayat. I was born in Holon, Israel in 1980, and pretty much stayed there since.
I am a musician. Music is what I do, it is what I live for and what I care most about. So just keep in mind that I'm serious. Sometimes it feels like I'm not.
Anyway, the important stuff:
I have just released my second album, titled 'Doing Life'.
Get it here for free right now.
It is a personal album, not an easy album in my opinion, but I believe that it is also an interesing and mature album, and maybe it will pluck a string or two in you.
In the recent years I have come to believe that music should be free. I have warmly accepted some of the important revolutions of our time and I am glad to be able to contribute on that level as well.
Remember that.
Here are some good places to get lots of great free music:
Internet Archive
I assume you probably know your stuff and have tons of sources that you found for excellent music. I would love to get to know them as well. I have all the time in the world for this. FEED ME!!!
Thanks for your patience,
have a good life.


Unknown said...

this is very very sad. Arik was a very nice and interesting person I had the chance to meet couple of years ago, in good ol' times of the Nana forum.

I was in shock to read the news about him. I send hugs to his family, this is very very sad.

May he rest in peace

Anonymous said...

What terrible news. My heart sank when I saw the email. And this just as we lost another genius of avant-garde a fewdays ago, Lars Hollmer.

My deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to Arik's family.

Robert in Montreal

Anonymous said...

So very sorry for your loss, Udi. Arik had a great talent.

Jeff Melton

חופש החיפוש said...

Tragic loss. Arik was a charming human being, a creative soul and a gifted composer. He had a very free and original mind. We didn't always see eye to eye on every issue, but he was always articulate, intelligent and open for new ideas.

I will always remember and cherish his kind spirit, his great sense of humor, his endless love for music and his rare humility. Arik, I really loved you. R.I.P.

kretz said...

This is horrible news. Why, just last week, I loaned the Sympozion cd to my brother, knowing he'd love it. RIP,Arik.

Kretz in Oxford, MI

Anonymous said...

I have no words Udi...
A terrible loss!
Marcello Marinone

Anonymous said...

a promising young musician... sad sad news really...

Marina said...

Wings of Ikaros have taken you high.

Bitter sun declared its virtue on your soul.

Deceived by the shimmer and restlessness of mind.

Your essence rose to havens, afflicted and impatient.

Arik, I will miss you terribly, rest in peace sweet boy.
I love you.

Marina Levendis

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