Monday, June 21, 2010

Ariel Pink with added Pizzazz

As long time admirer of the incredible Mutant Sounds Blog
So naturally I was delighted when Eric Lumbleau one of the founders of Mutant Sounds and a member of the wonderful Vas Deferens Organization offered me to master this EP. I have always been fond of this "right" type of pop music and this was so fun !!

Ariel Pink-Vocals, Casio Digital Guitar, Farfisa
Jim Lehnert-Soprano, Alto and Baritone Sax, Trombone, Farfisa
Dennis Gonzaléz-Trumpet
Aaron Gonzaléz-Upright & Electric Bass, Bowed cymbals
Stefan Gonzaléz-Drums, Vibes, Percussion
Guest Musician: Tamara Cauble-Violin, Backing vocal
Eric Lumbleau-Backing Vocal

Production, Engineering and Sound Design By Vas Deferens Organization
Recorded at Klearlight Studios, Dallas, Texas, February 2010
Mastered by Udi Koomran, Tel Aviv

Mutant Sounds :
"Featuring the first new recordings by Ariel Pink since Haunted Graffiti's Before Today sessions, this self titled five track 12" EP launches the debut of his newest unit, Ariel Pink With Added Pizzazz. Issued by Free Dope And Fucking In The Streets and with a release date of July 9th, this limited edition EP will only be available in it's current form on Haunted Graffiti's upcoming American tour.

As I mentioned in my last announcement about Vas Deferens Organization's work together with Ariel, "Hot Body Rub" the VDO-produced and Added Pizzazz-enabled sleaze funk opening gambit from Before Today (available for the first time in its unedited form here) was merely a tease of things to come, and Ariel Pink With Added Pizzazz represents its lurid fruition.

Recorded during February of this year at Dallas' Klearlight Studios, Ariel is accompanied on this EP by Jim Lehnert on sax and trombone, Aaron Gonzalez on electric and upright bass, Stefan Gonzalez on drums and vibes and legendary free jazzer Dennis Gonzalez on trumpet and midwifed by the production team in Vas Deferens Organization of which I'm a member and which those that have been around Mutant Sounds for a while will know about from the many VDO albums and productions that I've shared over time, including collaborations with Brad Laner and Mercury Rev members and our productions for Denton/Dallas scene legends like Ohm and J. Bone Cro."

Opening doors onto multiple facets of Ariel's muse you were never privy to before, the first track from the EP "In The Heat Of The Night", can be listened to Here
and can be downloaded Here