Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busy Week

So This is were I share info on my endless tweaking noodling etc.
These past few days were busy with tediously correcting the mixes done for
Faust, Salle Gaveau and Guapo.
These were recorded at the Rock In Opposition Festival in France in April and by some mysterious way turned out in the wrong speed .
Faust's mix will be added as a bonus cd to their new upcoming cd and is on its way to manufacturing plant in the UK.
Salle Gaveau and Guapo will be done this week and hopefully mastered soon.

Also the master for Bill Gilonis & Chantale Laplante's- Zurich Bamberg project for Dave Kerman's Ad Hoc Records has been finalized - truly an inspiring listening experience. A CD project of electro-acoustic pieces (ping-ponging audio file CDs between Canada and Z├╝rich). somewhere between music concrete and sound art.

Also putting the finishing touches on the master of BBI (Bussonnet/Buire/Imperato-) - Wha Fuzz -Philippe Bussonet's pre-One Shot power trio with the ex-Offering drummer and ex Xaal guitarist- on Soleil Zeuhl.

The mixes for Roy Yarkoni's (Ahvak) new band Dropkin featuring Jewlia Eisenberg need some more tweaking and retweaking - we will see when this project will see the light of day it seems very promising.

Otherwise its F^&^%%$ hot here in the middle east... my analog gear is just boiling in the 75% humidity