Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yitzhak Yedid- A Hard Working Musician

Besides being busy mixing the Present dvd I found time to put the final touches on yet another new album by Yitzhak Yedid Vision Fantasies and Dances a 60 min composition for String Quartet and Piano
Long time collaborator Ora Boasson Horev ( who also plays on the new Tzadik release by Boris Malkovsky ) on Bass, Hadas Fabrikant – Violin, Carmel Raz – Violin, Amit Landau – Viola, Jonathan Gotlibovich – Cello
This is a unique mixture of carefully thought out compositions and free improvisation. Brooding and somber on some parts and lyrical and poetic on others.
Here are 2 short samples from the 6th chapter.1# and 2#
Here is a short clip from a live performance earlier last year :

Coincidently at exactly the same week this was finalized Between The Lines finally released Yedid's Oud Bass Piano Trio we worked on late summer last year. This is a work were Classical European composition technique meets Klezmer, Arabic folklore meets Free Jazz... here is a sample: 1#

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